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King Cash Pawnshop offers a range of impressive and unbeatable services to customers in Lindenhurst, NY and the surrounding areas. Here’s what we do:

We Pawn

If you need a loan, then you can walk into our pawnshop with any of your valuables, pawn it to us and get a loan worth the value of your item instantly. We pawn various items including jewelry, motorcycles, gold, coins, diamonds, watches, bicycles, sneakers, and much more.

We Buy

At King Cash Pawnshop, we buy anything and everything, whether new or used. We buy gold Lindenhurst, NY. We are one of the major pawn shops that buy tools. You can sell your diamond to us and get good money for it. If you’ve got used electronics you want to dispose of, just walk into our shop, we are one of the few places that buy used electronics. You can easily trade-in phone for cash.

We Sell

Are you looking to buy any new or used items? You can rest assured that you’ll find it in our Pawnshop. At King Cash Pawnshop, we sell gold for cash, sell iPhones, sell used electronics, and anything else you can think of.

Get Cash in Just Minutes

Whether it’s giving you a loan or paying you for an item you’ve sold, you can bet that you’ll always walk out of our Pawnshop with cash in hand or with exactly what you are looking for.