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Sell or Pawn 
Designer Sunglasses

Let me introduce you to King Cash Pawnshop; we are situated at 47 Sunrise HWY of Lindenhurst in New York. We can either purchase or provide cash against designer sunglasses if you’re planning to sell or pawn them. Our shop is the leading place to unlock the hidden value of your favorite accessories. Our specialty lies in luxury and designer brands, and we are informing you that you will always get the top price for every single one of your items. 

Why Choose King Cash Pawnshop To Sell or Pawn Designer Sunglasses?

How Do Our Services Work?

Please make an appointment and bring your designer sunglasses to our store without having to worry about opening hours. From experts, we will check their genuineness, current condition and also possible market value. Finally, after a professional assessment, we give you a fair market price. If you are ready, we are already preparing the final conditions, and you will be left with the money as a result of the transaction. 

You might not be interested in such a drastic change, but if you need money fast and you’re not looking to give up your sunglasses, you can pawn them. How will we examine them? The same goes for buying, but instead, we will provide you with a loan up to the value of the glasses. Immediate money and a precise payback plan will be available for you until you find your sunglasses and understand everything in advance. 

We Accept Various Designer Brands

At King Cash Pawnshop, we provide services in a wide range of designer sunglasses, including but not limited to:

So, don’t you see your brand enlisted? Bring it in any way! We are concerned about supplying the best amount of buyer needs, so we are always on the lookout to grow our collection and give our customers the best service ever. 

Preparing Your Sunglasses for Appraisal

To ensure that you receive the best possible price or loan value for your sunglasses, consider the following tips before bringing them in for appraisal:

Contact Us Today To Sell or Pawn Designer Sunglasses

Do you need to pay off quick loans, or are your designer sunglasses desperate to become handy cash? Visit now at 47 Sunrise HWY, Lindenhurst, NY 11757 at King Cash Pawnshop, or call us at (631) 991-8866 for more questions. Our friendly staff are always available round the clock to address any questions you may encounter or ought to experience the service of the best. 

What to Expect When You Visit

Change your exotic sunglasses into plain cash or get instantly low-interest borrowings now at King Cash Pawnshop. We hope to be your choice for selling your high-end items and bringing you the best possible value.