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We are the premier destination for those looking to pawn, sell, or trade your diamonds in Lindenhurst, NY. Our shop has been in business for over a decade. We have built a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and fair prices for our customers. Contact us today at (631) 991-8866.

At King Cash Pawn Shop, we understand the value of diamonds and the sentimental attachment many people have. That’s why we take great care in handling every diamond that comes through our doors. We have a team of experienced diamond experts trained to grade diamonds based on cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. This ensures you receive the best price when buying, selling, or pawning your diamonds.

If you’re looking for high-quality diamonds in Lindenhurst, look no further than Diamonds Pawn Shop. We’re committed to providing exceptional customer service and fair prices. We’re confident you’ll be happy with your experience at our shop. Visit us today and see why we’re the premier destination for diamonds in New York City.

What Services Does King Cash Pawnshop Offer for Your Diamond?

At King Cash Pawnshop, we offer quick cash for your diamond without the hassle of a traditional loan. No credit checks are required for the loan, making it easy to get the funds you need quickly and securely.

  • We accept and have an extensive collection of loose diamonds, engagement rings, and other diamond jewelry in our showroom. Whether you’re looking for a solitaire diamond ring for your special someone or a pair of diamond earrings for yourself, we’re sure to have something that will catch your eye. We also carry a wide variety of diamond cuts, including round, princess, cushion, oval, pear, and more. Our collection is constantly updated, so check back often to see the latest additions.
  • We offer top dollar for your items if you want to sell or pawn your diamonds. We understand that selling diamond jewelry can be difficult, and we strive to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. We’ll provide a fair and accurate appraisal of your diamonds and work with you to determine a mutually agreed-upon price.
  • We also offer pawn loans for those who need cash quickly but don’t want to part with their diamonds permanently. Our pawn loans are a convenient and confidential way to get the money you need, and you can retrieve your diamonds once the loan is paid off.

We also take great care in protecting our customers’ personal information. All transactions are confidential, and we use the latest security measures to protect your personal information.

What’s the Procedure for Applying for a Loan from King Cash pawnshop?

Loan applications can often be completed on-site at a pawn shop, but customers must usually provide additional documentation.

The procedure for applying for a loan at a pawnshop such as King Cash using a diamond as collateral typically involves the following steps:

  • Bring your diamond to our pawnshop and have it evaluated by our professional team. Our appraiser will determine the value of the diamond based on factors such as its weight, cut, color, and clarity.
  • Once the value of the diamond has been determined, you will be offered a loan amount based on a percentage of the diamond’s weight.
  • If you agree to the loan amount, you must fill out a loan application and provide identification such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • Once the loan application is approved, you will be required to sign a pawn ticket, a legal contract that states the terms of the loan, and the amount of interest that will be charged.
  • You will then be given the loan amount in cash, and the diamond will be held as collateral until the loan is repaid.
  • The typical loan period is 30-90 days, and interest rates vary depending on the pawnshop and the state.


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