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For more than 20 years, King Cash Pawn Shop has been a reliable and well-established pawn shop serving the community. Situated in the center of the city, our store has grown to be a popular choice for people wishing to pawn, sell, or buy a variety of goods. Every customer who visits our shop should have a positive experience, and that is why our knowledgeable & friendly staff is committed to providing outstanding customer service. King Cash Pawn Shop can help you whether you need quick cash or are searching for a unique item at a competitive price.

Key Takeaways

Our pawn shop, which is conveniently located at 123 Main Street, is easily reachable from all areas of the city. It is convenient for customers to visit us whenever it is convenient for them, as we are open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. We are easily accessible for people to visit before or after work, or during their lunch break, thanks to our convenient location and extended hours.

Also, clients can feel secure doing business with us because our store is located in a well-lit and secure area. In order to satisfy the needs of our wide range of clients, King Cash Pawn Shop provides a wide range of services & goods. We offer something for everyone, from pawning electronics & musical instruments to buying and selling gold and jewelry.

When customers visit our shop, they will always find something new & exciting because our inventory is always changing. We provide pawn loans with competitive interest rates in addition to our large selection of items for sale, enabling people to get quick cash when they need it most. At King Cash Pawn Shop, selling or pawning goods is an easy & uncomplicated procedure. Customers that are selling an item can bring it into our store for a free appraisal from one of our knowledgeable employees.

Shop Name King Cash Pawn Shop
Location Lindenhurst, NY 11769
Services Pawn loans, buy, sell, trade
Phone Number (631) 225-1112

With cash in hand, the customer can leave if they accept the offered price. We offer reasonable loan amounts based on the value of the item being pawned for those who are looking to do so. Customers have the option to buy back their items within a specified time frame, and they can be sure that their belongings will be kept safe and secure while in our possession. King Cash Pawn Shop’s great customer service, reasonable prices, and large assortment of merchandise have been frequently complimented by our patrons. Numerous people have conveyed their contentment with the simplicity of the selling & pawning procedure, in addition to the expertise of our personnel.

One client exclaimed over the amazing bargain they scored on jewelry, & another thanked our store for lending them support during a difficult financial period. These encouraging comments and endorsements demonstrate our dedication to giving each and every client who enters our doors excellent service. The safety and security of our clients & their possessions is our first concern at King Cash Pawn Shop. Modern security systems, such as alarm clocks and surveillance cameras, are installed in our store to guarantee the constant safety of any property we handle.

Also, in order to keep both customers & employees safe, our staff regularly receives training on security protocols and procedures. When a customer brings something into our shop, we handle it with great care, ensuring their peace of mind. Clients can reach us directly at (555) 123-4567 or visit our website at www . kingcashpawnshop .

com for additional information about King Cash Pawn Shop, including information on our current inventory, loan terms, & other queries. Our welcoming staff is always here to help those who want to pawn, buy, or sell items from us and to answer any questions they may have. King Cash Pawn Shop can help fulfill your needs whether you’re in need of immediate cash or are looking for a unique item at a competitive price. Come see what makes us unique from the other pawn shops in the neighborhood when you stop by today.

Looking for a Pawn Shop in 11769? Look no further than King Cash Pawn Shop in Lindenhurst, NY. Whether you’re in need of a quick cash loan in Suffolk County, looking for tips for buying from a pawn shop, or simply want to learn more about the pawn shop experience, King Cash Pawn Shop has you covered. Their knowledgeable staff and wide range of services make them the go-to destination for all your pawn shop needs. Check out their website for more information: Quick Cash Loan in Suffolk County, Tips for Buying from a Pawn Shop, and The Pawn Shop Experience.


What services does King Cash Pawn Shop in Lindenhurst, NY offer?

King Cash Pawn Shop offers services such as buying and selling gold, jewelry, electronics, and other valuable items, as well as providing pawn loans.

What are the operating hours of King Cash Pawn Shop?

King Cash Pawn Shop is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and on Sundays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Does King Cash Pawn Shop provide pawn loans?

Yes, King Cash Pawn Shop provides pawn loans, allowing customers to use their valuable items as collateral for a short-term loan.

What types of items can I sell to King Cash Pawn Shop?

King Cash Pawn Shop accepts a wide range of items for sale, including gold, jewelry, watches, electronics, musical instruments, and more.

Is King Cash Pawn Shop located near the 11769 area?

Yes, King Cash Pawn Shop is located in Lindenhurst, NY, which is near the 11769 area.

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