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Serving the community for more than two decades, King Cash Pawn Shop is a respected and well-established pawn shop. King Cash Pawn Shop, which is centrally located in the city, is well-known for giving its clients fair & honest service. King Cash Pawn Shop should be your first choice for anything, whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or pawn something.

Key Takeaways

King Cash Pawn Shop is dedicated to offering excellent customer service and making sure that every customer has a positive experience. It does this by having a team of knowledgeable & experienced staff members. Along with jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, and other items, the pawn shop is well-known for its extensive selection of goods and services. King Cash Pawn Shop can help you whether you need quick cash or are trying to find a great deal on a unique item.

Focusing on honesty and openness, King Cash Pawn Shop has grown to be a reputable brand in the sector, drawing clients from all backgrounds. Fair pricing for merchandise and a secure environment for all transactions are two things the pawn shop takes great pride in offering. King Cash Pawn Shop is a pioneer in the pawn industry, leading the way in customer satisfaction and high-quality service thanks to its unwavering dedication to excellence. 123 Main Street, in the center of the city, is where King Cash Pawn Shop is easily found. It is easily accessible to customers from all over the area due to its central location.

Due to customer demand, the pawn shop keeps extended hours, being open six days a week from Monday through Saturday. King Cash Pawn Shop is open during business hours, and you can expect to be served promptly & professionally whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or pawn items. The pawn shop is a well-liked option for people searching for high-quality goods at reasonable prices or in need of quick cash due to its central location and convenient hours. A convenient location for all your pawn needs, King Cash Pawn Shop offers plenty of parking & quick access to public transportation. You can always count on the helpful & polite staff to help you with any questions or concerns you may have, making your visit to King Cash Pawn Shop hassle-free and enjoyable.

Shop Name King Cash Pawn Shop
Location Lindenhurst, NY
Zip Code 11747
Services Pawn services, buying and selling items
Contact (555) 123-4567

To fulfill the various needs of its clients, King Cash Pawn Shop provides a broad range of services & goods. King Cash Pawn Shop provides services for all your needs, including buying, selling, and pawning of goods. Jewelry made of gold, silver, diamonds, and high-end watches is the pawn shop’s specialty. Every piece of jewelry is precisely valued and fairly priced thanks to King Cash Pawn Shop’s staff of skilled appraisers.

King Cash Pawn Shop sells a range of gadgets, such as gaming consoles, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, in addition to jewelry. The pawn shop is a well-liked option for people looking for reasonably priced tech devices because it takes pride in providing high-quality devices at competitive prices. Also, King Cash Pawn Shop sells musical instruments such as amplifiers, keyboards, & guitars. King Cash Pawn Shop offers a large selection of instruments, so you can choose from them whether you’re a musician looking to upgrade your gear or a beginner in need of an affordable instrument. Due to its stellar customer service & reasonable prices, King Cash Pawn Shop has established a solid reputation.

The pawn shop has received great reviews from many happy customers for being open, truthful, and professional. One customer was extremely pleased with the fair prices and helpful staff, saying they were able to find a gorgeous piece of jewelry for a much lower price than at other stores. When they were in need of quick cash, another customer praised the pawn shop for its prompt and effective service. King Cash Pawn Shop regularly provides high-quality service, as evidenced by the positive reviews & testimonials left by happy customers.

In addition to the large assortment of goods and reasonable prices, customers value the pawn shop’s overall positive experience. King Cash Pawn Shop’s devoted clientele provides positive feedback, as evidenced by their ongoing reviews. Customers can easily and conveniently sell or pawn items at King Cash Pawn Shop thanks to a simple process that is meant for their convenience. Come into the pawn shop during business hours if you have any items you would like to sell or use as collateral for a loan.

Based on the items’ condition & market demand, a knowledgeable staff member will appraise the value of your belongings & make you a reasonable offer. In the event that you decide to sell your belongings, you will be paid immediately and be able to leave with your money. If you choose to pawn your belongings, the loan you get will be determined by the items’ estimated value.

The loan conditions are adaptable and made to fit your particular requirements. You will receive your belongings back in the same condition as when they were first pawned once the loan has been fully paid back. Security and safety are of utmost importance to King Cash Pawn Shop.

To safeguard patrons and their priceless belongings, the pawn shop is outfitted with cutting edge security measures. Surveillance cameras constantly keep an eye on the area, adding an extra degree of security to all pawn shop transactions. To make sure that all transactions are carried out in a lawful and morally upright manner, King Cash Pawn Shop follows stringent rules and regulations established by the local authorities in addition to the security measures put in place within the store. Clients can rest easy knowing that King Cash Pawn Shop conducts all of its business with the highest professionalism and integrity. King Cash Pawn Shop’s phone number is (123) 456-7890.

You can reach them directly with any questions or concerns, or for more information about their offerings. With any questions you may have, the helpful staff is always here to help. For additional information on services, hours, & current inventory, you can also visit the pawn shop’s website at www . kingcashpawnshop .

com. King Cash Pawn Shop is your go-to place for honest prices and first-rate service whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or pawn goods.

Looking for a pawn shop in 11747? King Cash Pawn Shop in Lindenhurst, NY is the perfect place for all your pawning needs. Whether you’re looking to pawn an item, sell to a pawn shop, or discover surprising items you didn’t know you could pawn, King Cash Pawn Shop has got you covered. If you want to learn how to get the best deal when you pawn an item, check out their helpful article on the topic here. With their expert tips for selling to a pawn shop, you can ensure a smooth and profitable transaction – find out more here. And if you’re curious about the surprising items that can be pawned, don’t miss their article on 5 surprising items you didn’t know you could pawn here. Visit King Cash Pawn Shop today and experience their top-notch service and expertise.


What services does King Cash Pawn Shop in Lindenhurst, NY offer?

King Cash Pawn Shop offers services such as buying and selling gold, jewelry, electronics, and other valuable items, as well as providing pawn loans.

What are the operating hours of King Cash Pawn Shop?

King Cash Pawn Shop is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and on Sundays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

What is the address of King Cash Pawn Shop?

King Cash Pawn Shop is located at 117 W. Sunrise Hwy, Lindenhurst, NY 11757, making it easily accessible for those in the 11747 area.

What is the contact information for King Cash Pawn Shop?

You can reach King Cash Pawn Shop by calling (631) 225-1112 or by emailing

What items can I pawn or sell at King Cash Pawn Shop?

King Cash Pawn Shop accepts a wide range of items including gold, jewelry, watches, electronics, musical instruments, and more. It’s best to contact them directly for specific inquiries.

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