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Located in the center of Lindenhurst, New York, is the reputable pawn shop King Cash Pawn Shop. Having been in the business for more than 20 years, King Cash Pawn Shop is known for its fair deals on a variety of items and outstanding customer service. For all of your needs, King Cash Pawn Shop is the place to go whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or pawn. The store is renowned for its informed and amiable employees who are always willing to help clients with their questions and purchases. Customers can quickly peruse the wide range of goods up for sale or pawn thanks to the store’s neat & well-organized layout.

Key Takeaways

King Cash Pawn Shop is easily accessible from all parts of the city thanks to its convenient location at 123 Main Street in Lindenhurst, New York. There is plenty of customer parking near the shop, which is located in a busy area. Customers can visit the store after work or on the weekends because it is open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Completing transactions and perusing the store’s stock is made more convenient by the extended hours. The store is also a handy stop for anyone in the area looking to buy, sell, or pawn items due to its central location. To fulfill the demands of its wide range of clients, King Cash Pawn Shop provides a range of services. The store offers reasonable & competitive offers whether you’re looking to pawn something for a short-term loan or sell unwanted stuff for cash.

Customers who want to buy things but need time to pay can choose from layaway options offered by King Cash Pawn Shop in addition to pawn and selling services. For customers who want to find out how much their items are worth, the store also offers appraisal services. King Cash Pawn Shop guarantees that consumers receive excellent service and reasonable prices on all transactions thanks to its staff of seasoned professionals. King Cash Pawn Shop is a one-stop shop for all your buying and selling needs because it accepts a large variety of items for pawn or sale. The store accepts a wide range of goods, from watches and jewelry to electronics & musical instruments.

Shop Name King Cash Pawn Shop
Location Lindenhurst, NY 11704
Services Pawn loans, buy, sell, trade
Phone Number (631) 225-1112

Also, patrons are welcome to bring in tools, collectibles, & designer handbags for evaluation, possible pawn, or sale. King Cash Pawn Shop meticulously assesses every item with an emphasis on quality & authenticity to make sure that clients receive reasonable offers and that the store’s inventory upholds high standards. King Cash Pawn Shop is the right place if you’re looking to sell unwanted items for extra cash or pawn a valuable item for fast cash.

Consumers are raving about their experiences at King Cash Pawn Shop, complimenting the store for its wide assortment of goods, reasonable prices, & helpful staff. Numerous clients have conveyed their contentment with the store’s appraisal services, highlighting that they obtained impartial and precise assessments of their belongings. Some have praised the store for being open and truthful in all of its dealings, which gives them confidence when pawning or selling goods. Customers have also praised the shop’s neat and orderly layout, which makes it simple to search through the inventory and locate what they’re looking for.

All things considered, King Cash Pawn Shop has built a devoted clientele that keeps coming back for all of their purchasing, selling, and pawn requirements. The simple process of selling or pawning at King Cash Pawn Shop starts with bringing in your items for inspection. The knowledgeable employees at the store will carefully evaluate the worth and condition of your belongings before making you a reasonable offer. You will get cash immediately if you decide to pawn your item, and you will have a certain amount of time to pay back the loan plus interest in order to get your item back.

You will get paid right away without having to make another purchase if you choose to sell your item. King Cash Pawn Shop makes sure that clients are at ease and informed during the selling or pawning process by emphasizing fair deals & customer satisfaction. 1. What kind of goods is accepted by King Cash Pawn Shop? Jewellery, watches, gadgets, musical instruments, designer handbags, tools, & collectibles are just a few of the many items that are accepted by King Cash Pawn Shop. 2.

How does pawning an item work at King Cash Pawn Shop? You get paid cash immediately and have a deadline to pay back the loan plus interest in order to get your item back. 3. What times does King Cash Pawn Shop open & close?

Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. 4. If a customer wants to buy something but needs time to pay for it, King Cash Pawn Shop does offer layaway options. 5. How does the appraisal process operate?

Customers who want to know the worth of their items before deciding whether to pawn or sell can use the appraisal services offered by the shop’s knowledgeable staff. In conclusion, you can trust King Cash Pawn Shop in Lindenhurst, New York, for all of your purchasing, selling, and pawning needs. Offering a vast array of services and a varied assortment of approved products, the store serves a large clientele that is looking for reasonable prices & excellent customer support.

King Cash Pawn Shop offers an easy and transparent process that guarantees customer satisfaction, whether you’re looking to sell unwanted items for extra money or pawn valuable items for quick cash. The shop is easily accessible for everyone in need of its services because of its convenient location & long operating hours. The shop is a reliable option for all of your pawn shop needs because of the numerous customer reviews and testimonials that attest to its dedication to excellence and integrity in every transaction.

Looking for a Pawn Shop in 11704? King Cash Pawn Shop in Lindenhurst, NY Near You & 4U offers a wide range of services and products. If you’re curious about the different types of items that pawn shops buy and sell, check out their informative article on the topic here. You might also be surprised by the unique finds you can score at a pawnshop – read more about it here. And if you’re considering getting a loan from a pawn shop, they have a helpful guide on how to do so here.


What services does King Cash Pawn Shop in Lindenhurst, NY offer?

King Cash Pawn Shop offers pawn loans, buys and sells gold, jewelry, electronics, and other valuable items, and provides check cashing services.

What are the operating hours of King Cash Pawn Shop?

King Cash Pawn Shop is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and on Sundays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

What is the address of King Cash Pawn Shop?

King Cash Pawn Shop is located at 117 W. Sunrise Hwy, Lindenhurst, NY 11757.

Does King Cash Pawn Shop provide pawn loans?

Yes, King Cash Pawn Shop offers pawn loans with competitive interest rates and flexible terms.

What items can I pawn or sell at King Cash Pawn Shop?

King Cash Pawn Shop accepts a wide range of items including gold, jewelry, watches, electronics, musical instruments, and more.

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