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About Us

King Cash Pawnshop is the number one Pawnshop Lindenhurst N.Y. We are one of the few pawnbrokers in town with an impressive history of pawning, buying, and selling anything and everything.

Since inception, we have dedicated ourselves to helping our customers get the best service from any of our locations. We adhere to New York City and federal laws that apply to pawnbrokers. Our goal is to help you pawn, buy, and sell anything you want and get your cash instantly. We’ve made pawning easier and faster than any other pawnbroker in town.

As the largest and most trusted pawnbrokers in Lindenhurst NY, we are one of the few pawn shops that New Yorkers trust. That’s because we take everything, from power tools, jewelry, gold, cell phones, bicycles to cars, and give you good money in exchange. There’s no doubt that we are the premium Pawnshop in Lindenhurst.

What makes us the most reliable option when it comes to pawning and selling all kinds of items is our excellent staff. At King Cash Pawnshop, our staff is trained to provide you a hitch-free and fast service to ensure that you are done with your business in no time.

Buying and selling your second-hand items shouldn’t be a challenge when you’ve got the best pawn shop in Lindenhurst at your service.