We are the True King of Pawning!

Whether you are looking to pawn, buy, or sell secondhand or new items in Lindenhurst and surrounding areas, we are the right place to go to. King Cash Pawnshop is the one-stop pawn shop for many New Yorkers looking to get quick legitimate cash in exchange for their goods.

With our years of experience and expertise in pawning, buying, and selling used and new valuables for cash, we are the gold and pawnshop you can trust.

What We Pawn, Buy and Sell

At King Cash Pawnshop, we buy, sell and pawn almost anything you can think of, including:


Want a new Apple MacBook or you are looking to sell your Microsoft Surface Book, then you’re in the right place.

Cell phones

Ever thought “where can I sell my phone for a good price?” The answer is King Cash Pawnshop.


At King Cash Pawnshop Lindenhurst, we buy gold Lindenhurst, sell and pawn it in a matter of minutes.


We are the closest and best pawn store to sell, buy, or pawn your gold or silver coins.

Motorcycles and ATVs

King Cash Pawnshop Lindenhurst is the best place to sell or buy motorcycles or your broken ATVs.

Power tools

King Cash Pawnshop is the number one Pawnshop that buys tools for cash. You can sell or pawn your tools.

Musical instrument

King Cash Pawnshop has the largest collection of new and used musical instruments.


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King Cash Pawnshop is the most trusted and reliable Pawnshop in Lindenhurst where you can pawn or buy.

Gaming systems

You can get the latest gaming console at King Cash Pawnshop by exchanging your old one.


Have you got a pair of new or neatly used sneakers you want to dispose of? You can make money .


We are the best place to buy and sell engagement rings. We sell diamonds, diamond rings.


Pawn, Sell or buy any type of handbag from us, including designer handbags. King Cash Pawnshop is your .

DJ Equipment

If you are looking for DJ equipment, whether new or secondhand, you’ll find it in King Cash Pawnshop.

Digital Cameras

Looking for where to sell your used electronics or buy them? Look no further.


From trucks to SUVs, King Cash Pawnshop Lindenhurst can help you sell, pawn, or buy your vehicle.


Got a new bicycle or an old bike in excellent condition that you want to pawn or sell?

Why Do Business with Us?

With so many pawn shops in Lindenhurst, NY, it can be tricky settling for the right Pawnshop to trust. You need a Pawnshop you can trust to pay you your item’s worth in no time. We are that Pawnshop. King Cash Pawnshop is the go-to place for many because of the following reasons:


King Cash Pawnshop Lindenhurst is one of the best places that give you an accurate exchange of your item’s worth. Once our team of professionals appraises the value of your property, you will definitely walk out with cash in hand.
Simple and Fast Process

One of the reasons why we are the major pawn Lindenhurst is our simple and straightforward process. Whether you are selling or pawning an item with us, you will be done with it in less than ten minutes. Our process follows a simple three-step process:

Step 1: Walk into our Pawnshop with your item.
Step 2: Pawn or sell your item to us.
Step 3: Get paid cash your item.


King Cash Pawnshop has been serving customers in Lindenhurst and the surrounding areas in NY, for years. We have an impressive history of doing business with many of our customers and helping them get the cash they need fast.

Amazing Experts

Our staff consists of the smartest and friendliest professionals who have years of experience in appraising the value of properties and helping customers pawn or sell items without any hassles. When you walk into our Pawnshop, you can expect to be treated like royalty.

Walk in with Your Valuable, Walk out with Cash!

Earning good money for your used or new items is fast and easy with us. No matter the item, you can pawn or sell it to us and we guarantee that you will get paid on the spot.